Get to Know… Mia Kang

Kasane 8

Name: Mia Kang


How many years have you been modelling? 

14 years 



How were you scouted?

I was scouted in a dance class by my teacher.



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Get to Know… Janine

Janine TaiName: Janine Tai

名字:Janine Tai

How many years have you been modelling?

12 years



How were you scouted? How did you end up signing with CalCarries?

I was recommended by a friend and it just started from there, I was working freelance at first but wanted to find an agency that was caring and reliable, I had worked with a few different agencies but the staff from Calcarries stood out from the rest!

你是怎樣被選上的最後跟 CalCarries簽約的?


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Behind the Face: Loving your unique “You”


Hey Everyone!

I was invited by CalCarries Hong Kong to jump on the blog and write some of my thoughts here. I met Chris Cho, the director of CalCarries HK, when I was around 8 or 9 years old when my older sister Teresa started modelling with the agency. Teresa traveled around Asia thanks to the jobs the agency booked for her. Being Teresa’s youngest sister, I was so interested to become a model and follow in her footsteps. I grew up in the Philippines, so of course my dream was to travel the world as well and work with creative people.

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Get to Know… Teresa

TERESA21rt darker copy



Teresa Herrera-Anthony

How many years have you been modelling?

Started in 1996…



How were you scouted? How did you end up signing with CalCarries? 

Joined Elite model look competition and met Joey Espino, owner of Calcarries Philippines.


Joined Elite 模特兒大賽和認識了Joey Espino, 菲律賓合作夥伴

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